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for the wellness and the beauty of your Body, Mind & Life

Hey you, Modern Woman, Are you ready to…

 move, breathe, relax… REDUCE stress and FATIGUE


Does this sound like You?


– You don’t looove exercising

– You’re way too sedentary

– Your body feels a bit rusty and unfit

– You’re overwhelmed and tired

– Your mind is super busy and so full

– You have little free time and a jammed-packed schedule


Would you like to…


– enjoy a physical practice that’s not too intense 

– feel that your body is alive and vibrant

– get stronger & more flexible

– be relaxed and recharged

– cultivate peace of mind and positivity

– get an all-in-one practice that nurtures your body & mind

I hear you… I personally have never fancied the gym and I have a busy life!
However, I know how important it is to move, to relax, to manage my state of mind and my personal energy.

This is why I’ve created Modern Goddess Yoga to help the Modern Woman feel good in her body & mind as she thrives in her personal and business life!

Hey, I’m Joanna!

I’m the creator of Modern Goddess Yoga, my yoga method for the Modern Woman with a busy schedule who want to feel good and beautiful in and out.

I’m an experienced yoga life coach with 16 years of extensive yoga teaching in luxury hotels, wellness festivals & yoga studios on the island of Mauritius.

I help Modern Women with a business/career/passion to move forward gracefully and confidently in today’s stressful world with a renewed and positive energy.

Modern Goddess Yoga has all that you need to unlock tension and invite more mobility, ease and wellness in your body, plus strengthen your mindset and raise your vibration IN ONLY ONE SESSION PER WEEK.

Modern Goddess Yoga is designed to relieve stress, relax your body and mind, reset your nervous system, reenergise your whole being and develop inner and outer radiance.

Does that sounds good to you???

What is Modern Goddess Yoga?


Modern Goddess Yoga is a body & mind practice that is aligned with the energy of the Moon Phases.
At Modern Goddess Yoga, we use the balanced framework offered by the Moon cycles to create body & mind wellness. And we also follow our personal energy.
Modern Goddess Yoga embrace the cyclic nature of women and the Moon cycles to help you feel beautiful and good physically, mentally and emotionally.

Modern Goddess Yoga Online is taught from the home yoga & art studio of Joanna in Mauritius.

Classes are welcoming, friendly, playful, nurturing and safe. 

Elements of a Modern Goddess Yoga Class


Conscious Breath

The practice of Modern Goddess Yoga is lead by the breath. Our breath is linked to our emotional and mental state and we create mind & heart wellness as we move.

Short Meditations

All Modern Yoga classes include short centering meditations that take you into the present moment and help you to switch off and clear the busy mind.

Positive Affirmations

We create positive affirmations or intentions during our Modern Goddess Yoga class to feed your mind good thoughts and create our beautiful lives.


Moon Phase Info

Each Modern Goddess Yoga class gives some Moon Phases guidelines that you can use in your personal life and biz/career for a well-balanced life.



We take the time to do those micro moves that are often neglected for bigger, stronger exercises because they are important for our body’s mobility and our joints health.

Movement & flow

We move through series of postures and always alternate movement and rest to play with our autonomic nervous system and activate the relaxation response.

Yoga Postures

We also do static yoga poses which are held for a moment. These isometric postures (Hatha Yoga style) complement the postures in movement (Vinyasa Yoga style).

Healing Arts

Modern Goddess Yoga is a creative and playful practice that incorporates other healing modalities and tools from different traditions + wellness rituals.

Guided Relaxation

At Modern Goddess Yoga, we always end the practice with a full body guided relaxation to tap into the our own healing power and recharge at a deep level.


Je teste le Yoga de la Déesse Moderne pendant deux semaines à $7 seulement.

Si ça me plaît, je conserve cet abonnement à $27 par mois sinon j'arrête l'abonnement.




> Are only interested in challenging, dynamic, physical practices that are fitness oriented

> Want a perfect practice in a perfect set-up. The live sessions and replays are from a simple home based studio in Mauritius

> Want to practice with different teachers. Modern Goddess Yoga is taught solely by Joanna La Gesse

> Don’t like practices that are a bit woo-woo. 😅 We’re open-minded and free-spirited at Modern Goddess Yoga and we use some other healings tools

> Don’t need to release stress, pressure and negativity because you’re 100% relaxed.




> Are interested in the Moon cycles, the natural rhythms at play on our planet Earth, tarot guidance and positive affirmations

> Want a balanced practice that brings physical, mental and emotional wellness at the same time and refreshes + relaxes your whole being

> Are happy to practice online from home 

> Enjoy some live session online instead than recorded ones

> Are comfortable with an experienced yoga teacher who doesn’t have a perfect yoga practice. 


Happy Modern Goddesses


“My yoga class with Joanna is therapy after a tough week. It’s my ‘me time’, my moment of self-care and self-love.
Jo is fun. She always shares good vibes.
I like every minute of her yoga class; the centering meditation, the positive affirmations, the postures and the relaxation…
I’ve developed strength in my body. I’m more flexible. And I have explored postures I thought I would never be able to do.
I’ve also learnt to be more positive and to focus on the good in my life.”


Sales Consultant



I remember searching desperately for yoga classes that would feed both my body and mind until I joined the Modern Goddess Yoga Tribe. And that was it! My greatest escape, ever since, was attending yoga classes with Joanna. I have experienced continuous growth towards my spiritual journey and I embraced and connected with my inner self more than ever. I’m forever grateful for these energy-transforming yoga sessions.


Audit Associate

“Thanks you so much for today’s yoga class online. It was a nice flow and I felt great in the process. This is what I like best in Joanna’s yoga.
I also like the clear description of the movement so I don’t need to fix the screen at all times. I’m all ears and just follow the voice.

The small challenge in the previous session, prompted me to dive in and stopped my mind from wandering. That’s top!
And the last minutes are just bliss. During the relaxation, I let go of everything.
Looking forward to next session online.”


Administrative Secretary

“Come to practice, breathe and relax so that you continue to move forward on your Modern Goddess Life journey with a renewed energy.”

Joanna La Gesse
 Creator of Modern Goddess Yoga

This All Sounds Great But…

I have never done yoga before. Can I join?

Yes you can, although it would be best if you have a private session first so that you know the basics and modifications for your unique body. Contact me here if you’re interested in a private session.

I’m not into the Moon cycle things…

If you’re open to discover new wellness tools that enhance your quality of life, it may interest you but not forcing here, listen to your intuition, if it’s too woo woo for you, don’t join us. 

Is Modern Goddess Yoga compatible with religion? I have my own beliefs.

At Modern Goddess Yoga, we encourage you to go deeper into your own beliefs. Modern Goddess Yoga is not a religious practice.
At Modern Goddess Yoga, we practice Universal Values and positive affirmations and we also use a tarot card for guidance. Check if it’s ok for you.
We love and respect freedom of expression and differences at Modern Goddess Yoga.

I have back pain and knee issues, can I practice?

You need the authorization of your physician before joining Modern Goddess Yoga.
With specific issues and diseases or pain you must take extra care and it would be best if you get a private session first. Contact me here to book one.
Anyway you must take responsibility for your health and wellness when you join Modern Goddess Yoga. Modern Goddesses are responsible beings. They take full responsibility for their thoughts, words, actions and lives.

What if I don’t like the Modern Goddess Yoga Online?

If it’s not your thing, you can cancel your membership.

Do I need to be fit to practice Modern Goddess Yoga?

Modern Goddess Yoga is not about fitness. It’s about physical, mental and emotional wellness. It’s a complete practice.

Modern Goddess Yoga will help you get fitter but it’s not focused only on the body.
You can practice at your own pace and safely if you’re in good health.

If you need personalized guidance and if you have some physical issues, I encourage you to book a 1-to-1 session online where we’ll get you started with the yoga breathing, movement, postures and specific modification. Contact me here to book a 1-to-1 session.

Should I practice only Modern Goddess Yoga as physical exercises?

Modern Goddess Yoga is compatible with your wellness activities.
At Modern Goddess Yoga, we encourage you to walk, to swim, to dance and do other exercises that you enjoy.

One Modern Goddess Class a week is like your maintenance program for a happy relaxed body, a peaceful positive mind, an open generous heart and a feel-good, healthy life.

One weekly Modern Goddess Yoga session can change your life for the best. It’s not much of a time investment isn’t it?

For Rs 1,200 per month (50% OFF the regular fee), enjoy live sessions online & 1 monthly Gathering Online with a cup of tea for Q&A and support.

Je teste le Yoga de la Déesse Moderne pendant deux semaines à $7 seulement.

Si ça me plaît, je conserve cet abonnement à $27 par mois sinon j'arrête l'abonnement.

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